Friday, December 4, 2009

12/4 Morningline

(Analyzed using pps/mfi, except for currencies, where pps/rsi is used.)

  • HIG, a January bull put spread, is at yesterday's open and not moving.
  • KO, at 57.9, has risen to just outside the max profit range of my 52.5 to 57.5 January iron condor
  • UNG, a December covered call, has gapped slightly on the open to 0.07 above the 8.63 basis.
  • SPY (blue chips) in bull mode with a sidewise price.
  • TLT (Treasury long bonds) bear mode, with the price having dropped nearly 3 points since the signal appeared on Dec. 1. Declining TLT price means rising interest rates.
  • GLD (precious metals) is showing a bear pps signal on a drop of 3 from yesterday's all time high. Confirmed by the mfi.
  • VIX (fear index) in bear mode, and steady. A bearish VIX is bullish for stocks.
  • EUR/USD (dollars per euro) trending sideways in pps bull mode unconfirmed by the rsi (which is also sideways).
  • USD/JPY (yen per dollar) rising in bull mode. It fell immediately after the signal was given on Nov. 12 and is only now recovering the signal level.
    Yesterday's Watchlist:
    • GLD may be a candidate for a short open today. See the indicators section.
    • IWM, MSFT, ORCL are all in bull mode and trading at resistance.

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