Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/22 Watchlist

No new signals on the indicators, currencies or holdings. Every issue's volume is low.

The pre-close scan, through the end of December, will cover only high-volume etfs (5 million shares and higher in volume), excluding those that are contrarian and those that multiply the underlying. The list will be smaller than usual because of lower volume in the holiday week.

Just for the exercise, today I'll be looking at several technical tools: The Persons proprietary signal (pps), which is my usual tool of choice, but also the price piercing the 20-day moving average (ma20), piercing the 200-day moving average (ma200), 20-day and 200-day moving average crossovers (ma cross), money-flow index (mfi) moves into overbought or oversold territory, the moving average convergence-divergence (macd) and the slow stocastic (sto).

  • XLF (financials), macd and ma20, bull
  • EWJ (Japan markets), macd confirming sto, bear
  • SLV (silver), mfi oversold, bull
  • XLU (utilities), macd confirming sto, bear
  • USO (oil), macd, bull
  • XLE (energy), sto confirming macd, bull
  • DIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average), ma20, bull
So, out of 30 etfs, no pps signals, a couple of 20-day moving average piercings, a sto, an mfi and five macd signals.

The macd is one of the more sensitive indicators -- this is known. The pps is said by its developer to give earlier valid signals than the others. If that's the case, then today's signals must be whipsaws. I'll continue the multi-track for awhile and we shall see.

Nothing here I would want to trade.

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