Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/9 Watchlist

New signals among the high-volume stocks and etfs, with pps signal, mfi confirmation status, and price pattern:
  • TXN, bear, confirmed, counter-up-trend retracement
  • PEP, bear, confirmed, counter-up-trend retracement
  • T, bear, unconfirmed, counter-up-trend retracement
  • WMT, bear, confirmed, counter-up-trend retracement
As a dedicated trend follower, I don't like any of these. They're all counter-trend pullbacks.

Or, as the option addict Jeff Kohler said yesterday in a plaintiff scream of agony, "Get me the hell out of this range. Please."

AET, which was on yesterday's watchlist with a bull signal, opened this morning at upside resistance and then declined to within yesterday's trading range. It didn't decisively pierce resistance, so no trade.

My holdings:

X, a January bear call spread (c41/-c40), is showing a bull signal with a push up to near-term resistance. If it pushes through, I'm closing.

HPQ, a January bull put spread (p49/-p50), is showing a bull signal today, after a bear signal yesterday. The issue is clearly in super-whipsaw mode, as it has given three signals in four days. I'll hang on for now pending some sort of price confirmation.

UNG and KO are about where they were in the morningline.

No new signals on the indicators.

The USD/JPY currency pair continues to show a bear signal confirmed by the rsi.

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