Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11 Watchlist

BMY rose again today after a bull signal at yesterday's close. It has been in an aggressive uptrend since late October and has about $2 to go until it hits upside resistance set in January 2008. (Yes, I pegged it as a sideways trend in yesterday's Watchlist. I broadened by view.) It's looking interesting as a possible play.
BAX, a bull signal yesterday that looked interesting but which I didn't trade, has shown a strong rise for the second day and has pierced resistance set in September.

New signals among other high-volume stocks and etfs, with the direction of the signal and the trend in which it has occurred:
  • ORCL, bull, uptrend since March, sideways since October.
  • SMH, bear, uptrend since March
  • HD, bull, uptrend since March (trading at resistance)
  • CTL, bull, uptrend since March (whipsaw from bear signal given three days earlier)
  • BRCM, bear, uptrend since March (strong reversal at resistance)
  • DIA, bull, uptrend since March, sideways since November (trading at resistance, whipsaw from a bear signal given four days earlier)
  • XRT, bull, downtrend since October
  • POT, bear, uptrend since October
  • AXP, bull, uptrend since March (about $4 away from upside resistance, but this is the fifth signal given in 11 days, so clearly the stock in neither a bull nor a bear but a confused puppy)
Of those, AXP is interesting because of the distance from resistance, but the false signals worry me.


UNG, a covered call (-c9) that expires in eight days, has fallen to 9.53 and remains profitable.

Of the January expiry holdings, there are no new signals.

X, a bear spread (-c40/c41), which has moved contrary to my bearish position, is pulling back a bit but remains worrisome.

AET, a bull spread (p31/-p32) that showed a nice rise this morning, has pulled back to within yesteday's trading range.

HPQ, a bull spread (p49/-p50), is stalled at the cusp of profitability.

KO, an iron condor (p50/-p52.5/-c57.5/c60) remains above the range of max profit at expiration.

No new signals among the indicators.

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