Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31 Watchlist

Blue chips (SPY) are showing a potential pps bear signal, on a decline from open to now of only about half a percent, as trading enters its last 90 minutes. The slow stochastic and macd are heading toward similar signals, although they're aren't quite there yet.

The price overlaps the range of the last five trading days, so SPY is not yet breaking out.

Volume on SPY at this point is running only at about 51 million shares. The last normal Thursday before the holidays, Dec.  18, saw 183 million shares of SPY traded. So whatever the signals mean, this is not a broad based movement yet.

The fear index (VIX), not surprisingly, is showing a bull signal (to be bullish on fear is to be bearish on stocks).

Otherwise, no excitement on the indicators.

In currencies, the yen per dollar (USD/JPY) currency pair is trading nicely above support.

No movement to speak of among my holdings, including even SBUX, which since Wednesday is under a bear signal that runs contrary to my position.

And speaking of normal, on Monday the markets will be back to normal (whatever "normal" means when it comes to trading). I'll be producing scans for signals of high-volume stocks and etfs, as well as trolling for covered call opportunities, as part of the daily Watchlist.

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