Tuesday, August 17, 2010

F (Ford) Watch

Ford Motor Co. (F) has moved into bull phase on the fast stochastic and is trading 2.6% above Monday's close with an hour left for trading.

F $12.25

The fast stochastic K-line (the faster one) crossed the 20-line into neutrality today, and simultaneously crossed above the slower D-line, a classic bull signal.

The macd, although remaining in bear territory, reversed direction and rose toward the zero-line, not a bull signal exactly but still a bullish sign.

The parabolic sar and Person's Proprietary Signal (pps) remain in bear phase, and the stock is trading below the 20-day simple moving average, although well above the 200-day exponential moving average.

F in mid-July bumped above the range that had held since May, producing a higher high and then a pullback to a higher low. The swing high for the year is $14.57, and the stock has some distance to go before reaching that level.

Reversal Levels
  • $25.67, +18.9%
  • $13.20, +7.8%
  • $12.67, +3.4% (20-day ma)
  • $12.25 <== You are here.

  • $11.88, -%

  • $11.21, -8.5% (200-day ma)

Bottom line: I like F once it breaks above the 20-day simple moving average ($12.67) and the top of the current range ($12.20). Disclaimer
Tim Bovee, Private Trader tracks the trades of a private trader for his own accounts. Nothing in this blog constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell stocks, options or any other financial instrument. The only purpose of this blog is to provide education and entertainment. No trader is ever 100 percent successful in his or her trades. Trading in the stock and option markets is risky and uncertain. Each trader must make trading decision decisions for his or her own account, and take responsibility for the consequences.
  • psar - Parabolic Stop and Reverse
  • adx - Average Directional Index
  • pps - Person's Proprietary Signal
  • ma20 - 20-day moving average
  • macd - Moving Average Convergence-Divergence
  • sto - Fast Stochastic
About the glance: The colors indicate the state of each signal.
  • trend: Determined by the 5-day moving average, green for up, red for down, yellow for sideways
  • adx: orange for above 30-up, blue for 20-down, purple for in the middle. Red is most prone to whipsaws
  • psar, pps, macd: green for bull mode, red for bear
  • sto: green for overbought, red for oversold, yellow for the neutral zone.

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