Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Project

Much as the General Theory of Relativity sought to explain everything in the universe, my project this weekend is to do the final work in combining my covered call, income and directional trading into a Grand Unified Trading Plan that covers everything I do.

It's like Einstein, but without the genius.

As part of that work, I'll also be combining "How I Trade" with the "Becoming a Trader" document into a new guide entitled "How to Be a Private Trader".

I've found in trading that when I consider my covered calls and income plays to be separate from my directional speculations, I miss opportunities to profit through side bets on my more static positions. And also, I have a very human tendency to pay more attention to the flashier, high-velocity directional plays than to the boring, old income and covered call positions.

My goal is to remedy those failings by creating a unified theory to govern my trading.

Anyhow, it's supposed to rain on Sunday here in Portland, Oregon, so I'll be motivated to get the work done. Look for the rollout on Monday.

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