Friday, April 15, 2011

4/15 Earns

I’m looking at these earnings announcements between today’s market close and the next trading day’s open.

I find KEY and MMR to be the most interesting, as they are both volatile and prone to earnings surprises.

I play them using options straddles, a structure where I buy a call and sell a put with the same expiration and strike price.

If the stock stays put, there’s a small loss. If it moves, as in an earnings surprise, there’s a big gain.

So, low risk/high reward. My kind of trade.

The atr% is the 14-day average true range stated as a percentage of price.

The score is the number of quarters, out of five, in which the company has reported an earnings surprise of 50% or more.

The abbreviations "pre" and "post" in the date column mean before the open and after the close, respectively.

sym date atr% score
C 4/18 pre 2.2% 2
KEY 4/18 pre 2.9% 4
HAL 4/18 pre 3.0% 0
LLY 4/18 pre 1.0% 0
MMR 4/18 pre 4.2% 3

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