Thursday, December 8, 2011

Changes Ahead

As long-time readers will know (18,401 unique visitors so far), Private Trader has above all been a venue for experimentation and learning. As a result, it has been a place a change.

So in that spirit, I'll be making major changes to Private Trader over the weekend.

The biggest change will be elimination, beginning Monday, of the scheduled reports that have punctuated this discussion for the past two years. I'm referring to Forex, Indicators, the positions report now called Covered Calls, and the Almanac.

They worked well when oscillators and indicators were the mainstays of my trading. That's not the case anymore, and the scheduled reports have become less a set of useful tools than a distraction.

Beginning Monday, I'll write about individual stocks, options and currency pairs as they become interesting, and also about trading strategies and whatever else in our world of risk that catches my eye.

The postings will be quite irregular, no doubt. Some weeks are filled with opportunities and events. Others -- like this week -- are like sitting through five back-to-back performances of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot", the most boring play of all time.

In truth, I've seen nothing so far this week that's worth writing about, and under the new structure of this blog I doubt that I would have filed anything, beyond a big yawn and a shout-out.

But most weeks, the markets are endlessly fascinating, and I foresee no difficulty in finding things to write about.

Also, I'll continue to provide alerts when I've posted something via Facebook and Twitter.

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