Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday's Agenda

I woke up this morning with anticipation. After a long drought of potential trades, I found myself with seven genuine prospects on my desk.

My hopes, as I had feared the night before, were dashed. All seven have preternaturally low implied volatility that, relative to recent trends, lies below my minimum standard.

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The standard is based on where volatility stands within its most recent range. Implied volatility, unlike stock prices, are always in a long-term sideways trade. It eternally fluctuates within its current range and rare rushes off in a significant directional movement.

I calculate the position of volatility within the most recent significant swing within its current range -- think of it as the most recent leg of its journey -- expressing it as  a percentile, where the 100th percentile is at the top of the range and the 50th percentile is at its middle. For a trade, I require that implied volatility be in the 60th percentile or higher.

Here is where my seven prospects stand this morning by that measure:

symimp vol %ile

So all fail final screening, and I shall do no full analyses today and anticipate entering no new positions.

The day hasn't hasn't been a complete waste. My position in FAST, which I entered on Monday, fell sharply after earnings were announced, and I've exited claiming 54% of potential profit. Expect full results, with an awesome annual rate for the yield, to be noted in the the Outcomes post near the market close.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, April 12, 2016


Tradecraft: Playing the odds to build winning stock market trades from options, a description of how I trade, can be read here.


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