Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tale of the Chart: Implied Volatility

As is abundantly clear from difficulties in finding trades so far this year, implied volatility has hit a dry spell, a period of drought worthy of the Sonoran Desert. And when IV is low, my strategy of selling implied volatility simply grinds to a halt.

How low?

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VIX on April 6, 2016, 90 days 2-hour bars

Presently the VIX, which tracks the implied volatility of the S&P 500, stands at 14.61%.

A peak was reached on Jan. 20 at 32.09%. The low so far in the decline was recorded April 1, at 13.00%.

The present level stands at the 9th percentile the range from Jan. 20 to April 1. Under my guidelines, I won't sell volatility until it is at the 60th percentile, under the venerable short-seller maxim of Sell High, Buy Low.

Under my rules, the S&P 500 won't be tradable until its implied volatility hits 24.46%, more than 10 percentage points away.

I could, of course, compromise my standards, but that would mean selling low and buying, perhaps, higher, a certain recipe for loss. As a short-term trader with a long-term horizon, I am content to sit out the dry spell until the rains come again.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, April 6, 2016


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