Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday's Finalists

Twenty-nine symbols are under consideration today as potential trades. (See "Wednesday's Prospects" for the early rounds of screening.)

Of those, one, ALTR, was included on the list due to a data error.

Three -- AL, INTC and VSI -- failed confirmation by moving back within their 20-day price channels, thereby negating their bear signals.

One, URI, has an overly wide bid/ask spread.

All but three of the others have insufficient implied volatility on their options to support a leveraged and hedged position.

That leaves three symbols on the table: HAL, EWW and TD.

Signals given by breaks beyond a 20-day price channel boundary often are false positives. They don't represent breaks beyond support or resistance on the chart.

In such cases, I add the symbol to my Watchlist with an alert placed at the true breakout level on the chart.

HAL, EWW and TDD are false positives and shall be added to the Watchlist with the following alerts:
  • HAL, <37.21
  • EWW, <54.46
  • TD, <39.56
I consider symbols from the Watchlist as they break beyond their alert levels. I intend to open no new positions today based on Tuesday's markets.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, March 11, 2015


My price channel trading rules can be read here. My long-term share trading rules can be read here.  My volatility trading rules can be read here. The channel rules are based on
 the classic Turtle Trading rules, which can be read here.


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