Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday's Outcomes

I entered two positions intended to profit from a decline in implied volatility following the referendum on Thursday in the United Kingdom over whether to leave the European Union, known as Brexit.

They are FXE,which tracks the value of the Euro, and EFA, which tracks large-company stocks in the developed world, about half of them in the EU.

I considered EWG, which tracks German stocks, but declined to take the trade after the other two Brexit trades were filled.

I had analyzed an attempted trades on all three of those symbols on Monday but was unable to get fills.

I gave no further consideration to a fourth stock from the Monday group, the London banking company HSBC, because it's implied volatility declined below my minimum standard.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, June 21, 2016

The Rise and Fall of Nations: Forces of Change in the Post-Crisis World
by Ruchir Sharma


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