Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Private Trader schedule for February

I'll be traveling in East Asia from Feb. 6 through Feb. 25. Days in the air and timezone considerations will have an impact on my analysis and trading. Here's how I plan to handle it.

I'll be totally out of play Thursday and Friday, Feb. 6 and 7 -- no "Prospects" and no analysis. I will post "Monday's Prospects" and "The Week Ahead" as usual on the following Saturday and Sunday.

From Monday, Feb. 8, I'll be posting my first-round screening several hours after the market close, in the evening New York time. It is overnight in East Asia when the New York markets are open, with the closing bell coming at 6 a.m. In practice, this means adds a day's delay to my trading.

For example, a symbol that gives a trading signal on Tuesday will appear on the first-round screening list posted Tuesday night New York time. The second round of screening will be posted Wednesday evening New York time and will be followed that night by analyses. And any trading will occur during the normal market session on Friday.

Also, to shorten processing time, I'll be limiting my first-round screening to a list of 299 highly liquid large-cap stocks and exchange-traded funds. This is will produce fewer trading signals than the larger analytical universe I normally use, but those signals that do occur will be more likely to produce a viable trade.

I won't be posting anything on Feb. 25. My schedule will return to normal on Feb. 26, although, given the severity of jet lag produced by the eastbound trans-Pacific trip, the schedule may be a bit shaky at first.

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