Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday's Agenda

I have four prospective trades in my pocket this morning. Two changeable characteristics that can be read only on the day of the trade will determine whether or not each is worth a full analysis.

The first characteristic is where implied volatility stands in relation to its most recent move from the most recent significant low to high, expressed as a percentile of the range. I trade symbols whose volatility is in the 60th percentile or greater.

LULU in the 29th percentile and CCL in the 57th percentile fails to make the grade. I won't proceed with further analysis of either.

The second characteristic is open interest -- the number of contracts that are out there as potential trades -- at strike prices in the areas I would need for a trade. By tradable areas I mean roughly those strikes with a 65% to 85% chance of expiring out of the money for maximum profit. I require open interest of 100 or more at those strikes.

CCL, LULU and PAYX all have insufficient open interest to meet my requirement.

That leaves RH as the one symbol that meets both requirements. I shall post a full analysis of RH this morning.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, March 29, 2016


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