Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday's Agenda

No potential earnings plays under consideration for today have met my requirements, and none of the trading signals generated by Monday's markets made the grade. I have nothing new to analyze today.

I shall place some housekeeping trades designed to deal with a quirk within the structure of my brokerage accounts.

Most of my trading funds are taxable. I do, however, have a relatively small tax-deferred account.

That tax-deferred account is too small for the whales that swim in my trading ocean, the strangle option spreads, which are built out of unhedged short options and so make a large dent in my funds available for trading.

The smaller account is, however, a pond perfect for the delightful carp, the hedged iron condor spreads that have a much smaller impact on funds available for trading. (If you're having trouble with the image of an iron condor swimming like a carp in a small pond -- me, too.)

The problem is set in the context of my stringent requirements for the stocks and funds that underly my trades: High liquidity, high implied volatility, low bid/ask spreads. It is, truly, a small universe of potential trades that hits my screen each day.

My solution is to use the smaller account to mirror trades in the larger pool of funds. When I open an expensive strangle position in my taxable account, then I shall mirror it as a lower cost iron condor in the smaller tax-deferred account. The analysis is already done. I'm already keeping close watch on the equity. It's a low impact way to gain more potential profit from my trades.

I'll update the appropriate analyses with those trades after they are placed.

-- Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, June 9, 2015


My volatility trading rules can be read here.


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