Friday, August 22, 2014

Trading operation changes

I'm making two changes in my trading operation.

First, the daily Round 2 series of posts, such as "Friday's Prospects: Round 2", will have a new series title that will include the symbols that make it to final consideration.

Under that naming scheme, the Friday post would be headlined, "Friday's Finalists: SMLP, KLAC, SLW, AGII", on the same model I now use for the Outcomes posts.

It will make it easier for everyone (me included) to see at a glance what the stand-out symbols are. If there are no finalists (it happens), then the headline will read: "Monday's Finalists: None".

Second, I'm changing the hedging portion of my longer-term trading rules to reduce the churn.

Under the prior rules, hedges were entered into when the price closed below the 20-day price channel, and exited when the price hit a stop/loss point twice the average true range above the lowest point reached during during the hedge period.

That method has a high risk of whipsaws and is frankly too short term for a position that's supposed to last a year.

I've modified it to conform to the classic Turtle Trading rules. Hedges are entered when the price moves below the 55-day price channel, and are exited when it moves above the 10-day price channel.

See the "Hedges" and "Hedge Exits" sections of my longer-term trading rules.

The classic Turtle Trading rules may be read here.

Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, Aug. 22, 2014

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