Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trading Rules Change: Additions

I've made a change to my trading rules.

Up to now, the rules have required me to enter positions piecemeal, beginning with one unit and then adding as the stock moved in the direction of the trade according to a system of additional levels.

I've noticed that more often than not, it is the added units that turn a winning trade into a loser. So I'm making piecemeal entry optional rather than required.

Two sections are changed. Here is the new language for each:
SizingA position consists of no more than four units. Each unit is valued at one-hundredth (1%) of capital designated for this strategy divided by the 20-day Wilder average true range, with all values rounded down if needed. The initial position consists of from one to four units. If the initial position is less than four units, the position may be added to using the method described in Additions below until the size reaches four units.
AdditionsTrades entered piecemeal rather than at one time must use the following method for additions: ... [and then add method, which is unchanged.]

The full text of the rules, as a Google Doc, can be found here

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