Friday, June 15, 2012

FB pierces breakout level

Two weeks ago I analyzed Facebook Inc. (FB) as a potential trade like any other, rather than an OMG! IPO!! Get rich QUICK!!! Like!!!!! form of market silliness.

In my analysis -- you can read it here -- I identified the $30 level as a breakout point that would suggest a reversal of the downtrend, an identified a couple of higher levels for more cautious traders.

Today, in the last 5 minutes before the close, FB began a rapid rise and spiked up to $30.10 at 3:59 p.m. Eastern. It then immediately pulled back to below $30 for a couple of minutes, and then settled in to after-hours trading where $30, in the very, very near term, was acting as a support level.

The price spike came on a volume surge to 1.6 million in that last minute of trading, compared to 94,000 in the minute an hour earlier.

Falling implied volatility can sometimes be a forecast for rising prices, and that has proved to be the case with FB. I noted the rising IV in posting on June 7.

Obviously, whether today's peak was an anomaly or a turning point depends upon what happens next. Market analysis is always, at its core, an exercise in hindsight.

However, I'm putting a "Keep an eye on FB" notation on my To Do list for the week ahead.

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