Monday, April 16, 2012

TITN: Farm equipment

Titan Machinery Inc. (TITN) sells farm equipment through 96 stores in the upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain region. If you're in the market for a tractor, this West Fargo, North Dakota company  is ready to step up and close the deal.

TITN had the most bullish chart among 15 stocks added to the Zacks top-buy list over the weekend. Actually, that's a bit of a mis-statement. It had the only bullish chart among the 15, which either says something about Zacks' selection methods or the state of the market.

It's hard for me to craft a backstory about Titan Machinery without using the phrase "I imagine". The agriculture sector isn't one of my strengths.

But I imagine that a lot of farming enterprises put off buying new equipment during the depths of the recession, and with the recovery taking hold, I imagine they are now starting to make those capital purchases in a context of pent-up demand.

It is the same paradigm that caused durable goods orders to rebound in February.

Certainly Titan's earnings show a pattern of decline and recovery, falling through the middle quarters of 2011 and then recovering thereafter in a series of higher earnings reports.

TITN  began its most recent leg u[p on March 8 at $23.96 and has risen with only one minor correction to Friday's high of $36.92, helped by a 15.5% opening gap following an April 11 report that showed a 59% earnings surprise.

A three-day rise added 16.4% to the gap, meaning the stock has risen nearly 32%  in less than a week.

Return on equity is 16%, but the company has achieved that at the price of heavy long-term debt, amounting to 183% of equity.

Institutions own 76% of shares, but the price is dirt cheap. It takes only 45 cents in shares to control a dollar in sales.

Average volume is 1.2 million shares. The options selection is a bit limited, even at that level, with only nine strike prices available for May, and most of those are priced at $5 increments, which is wide for a $35 stock.

Bid/ask spreads aren't cripplingly wide, although they are a bit wider than I like, and open interest is minimally acceptable near the at-the-money mark.

Implied volatility has recovered sharply from its six month lows below 45% and today stands at 51%. Options are pricing in a 68.2% chance that TITN will close between $29.91 and $40.19 a month from now, a 14.7% gain or loss.

More succinctly: This is a very volatile stock, with all the opportunities for profit and risks of pain that volatility brings.

Titan Machinery next publishes earnings on June 11.

Decision for my account: I'm passing on TITN at this point. The rapid rise of the past few days suggest to me that there will be a period of profit-taking and correction. 
Also, although the options inventory isn't horrible, it's not great, either. The wide strike intervals would make it difficult to construct a vertical spread to my liking. 

However, I think the stock is worth revisiting a week down the line to see what the price has done. A correction and reversal, or a fresh breakout above $37.92 would make a position more attractive, even with the options difficulties.

I screened the stocks using a tourney bracket with a one-month daily chart and a three-day half-hour chart, and then turned to a five-year weekly chart for the broad context in analyzing the bracket winner. See my essay "10,000 Charts" for a discussion of my screening methods.
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