Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday's Breakouts

Tuesday, April 2:

Of 2,399 stocks and exchange-traded funds in this week's analytical universe, 97 that are traded on the major American stock exchanges broke beyond their 20-day price channels, 27 to the upside and 70 to the downside.

Twelve survived my initial screens. The common stock bull signals are, in descending order of volume,  APRI, G, IGLD and SVXY. The common bear signals are AUDC, JUNR, PZE, RENN and RING.

In addition, these preferred shares -- all with bull signals -- passed my screen: NRF series A, BAC series I and FBS series A.

The common stocks that are confirmed by trading beyond their price channels on Wednesday will merit a closer look. I haven't confronted the question of how, or whether, to play preferred shares. They weren't part of my analytical universe before this week's revisions. (See "Building a Better Universe" for a description of the changes.)

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