Sunday, July 29, 2012

Travels in Asia

I'll be travelling in Asia for much of August, but a true private trader never stops trading, whether lugging a laptop on the road, punching an iPhone from the peak of Mt. Fuji or ensconced at home base before a cozy bank of monitors glowing with charts and tables.

The time zone difference, however, does create some challenges. The U.S. markets open at 10:30 p.m. Japan time and close at 5 a.m. -- not my usual hours for full alertness.

So my postings will come after the market closes in the United States, while I sit at a kitchen table with a spectacular view of Hakata Bay on Kyushu, a steaming pot of green tea close at hand. And postings may well be spotty to non-existent on days when I'm in the air.

Otherwise, I'll be doing my usual thing: Screening a block of stocks, picking one to analyze in detail and making a decision about whether it's a play I want to take.

I hope you'll drop by to share the fun.


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