Friday, January 20, 2012

GOOGle's stumble: A post-mortem

Google Inc. (GOOG) stumbled big time at the open after missing a revenues projection.

How bad is it on the chart? What were the warning signs?

Amusingly, in light of all the OMG LOL GID* chit-chat that followed the downward gap, from Thursday's close of $639.57 to today's open of $590.53 -- a decline of 7.7% -- GOOG has yet to set to set a new lower low in the rise that began in early October 2011.

A lower low would require a drop below the Nov. 25, 2011 low of $561.33.

So from a chart standpoint, it's not the end of the world. Subsequent moves may indeed prove to be apocalyptic, but GOOG isn't there yet.

And today's move should not have come as a total surprise. The chart showed signs and symptoms that something was amiss.

The price peaked, most recently, at $670.25 on Jan. 24. That day was followed by three trading days of wide intra-day declines that brought the price down to a low of $616.91 on Jan. 10. The decline overall was 8%.

The price then spent four days in a sideways pause -- a balance between buyers and sellers of the shares -- and then on Thursday gapped up on high volume, fell back into the prior day's range, and then retraced upward, forming a candlestick pattern called a hanging man, signalling a top reversal.

If I had been daytrading on Thursday, I might have initially treated the move as a breakout and bought shares, but I would have sold them late in the day as I saw the hanging man developing.

And frankly, I doubt that I would have played the breakout. The prior multi-day decline of 7.7% is large, and I'm usually reluctant to play counter such trend on the basis of a single day's move, especially when the preceding sidewinder was only four days.

(At least with stocks. I might have taken it on a currency pair, where trends tend to be more stable and breakouts more reliable.)

At any rate, the lesson for traders is a banality from the old TV police drama Hill Street Blues: "Be careful out there."

And more banalities from me: Keep your wits about you, and keep your eyes on the chart.
* Google is Dooooomed!

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